Akram Jalal-Karim

The Global University Rankings

The Author

Dr. Akram Jalal-Karim is An Iraqi academic and physician residing in the United Kingdom

This Book

This book is intended to provide the reader a thorough grasp on Global University Ranking Systems (GURSs). Many educational authorities throughout the world have recently started regularly assessing the effectiveness of their educational institutions based on their global rankings. Moreover, some institutions use the indicators of these rankings as an objective in their strategic plan, however, many academics do not trust such systems, believing that they deceive their educational institutions, that these rankings are inaccurate and may be biased, and thus do more harm to their universities’ programmes than good.

In this book, the author draws attention to the role of higher education institutions and how important it is to make global ranking indicators part of their strategic plans, and thus, it is imperative for all academic and administrative members to work together on planning and implementing them in order to advance the academic performances and strengthen those indicators, which consequently leads to raising their rankings at the league tables of the major Global University Rankings (GURs).

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