Salim Nazzal

Beyond hope

and hopelessness,

we meet there!

The Author

Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian writer and researcher based in Norway. He published a collection of works on issues of culture, thought and literary criticism.

This Book

Nazzal’s poems are first and foremost about love, nature and the beauty of little things in life. He is a skilled observer who describes our daily lives with depth and passion, and through his poems he urges us to enjoy and take care of the things we are so lucky to have in our lives. Born in a family of refugees, and himself a refugee from war and misery, he is seeking peace in his own life and for the rest of the world. And he does this by concentrating about the things that really matter in our lives, like our loved ones.

  His deep love for the human race and the Earth shines through all the way. And the same does his heritage. Even though the themes in the poems most often are universal, and are written about and in Norway, the atmosphere is filled with the music, fragrances and sounds of the Middle East.

He might not live there anymore, has not done so for years, but the longing to be back in a world that does not longer exist, is present in every word he writes, in the rhytm of every poem.


Dorthe Erichsen

 Norwegian writer

Member of Norwegian Writers Union

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The Content includes 


First Words 7

Introduction by Dorthe Erichsen. 8

There we will meet! 11

Far and near! 12

Night falls! 13

Contemplation. 14

The blue sky is vast! 15

A simple life. 16

I should not speak! 17

Music. 18

The earth is white. 19

Spring morning! 20

A crowded street! 21

A wandering poet 22

Who knows! 23

Dreams 24

The ship! 25

Winter! 26

On the wooden bridge. 27

Who im I ?. 28

The child! 29

Evening time! 30

The Road to Skopje! 31

A white page! 32

After many years! 33

In front of the balcony! 34

Before the tides retreat! 35

To those who dream! 36

A priest from Jerusalem! 38

In the heart of the world Atlas 39

Farewell 2017.welcome 2018! 40

Autumn. 41

At Berlin airport! 43

An ode to St Miriam Bawrdy! 44

Sadness fills the soul! 46

Quite evening! 47

Poets! 48

The last glass! 49

Nothing to write tonight! 50

Flowers in the middle of the night! 51

Please don't blame me! 52

Love! 53

Spring! 54

The smell of old books! 55

Dear friends! 56

My mother! 57

I do not sing! 58

An unanswered question! 59

Life journey! 60

Love poems! 61

Where shall I go?. 63

I know! 64

How beautiful! 66

Music performer! 67

Music late at night! 68

When I contemplate?. 69

Street music player! 70

You ask me! 71

At night! 72

Salim Nazzal … 73