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Khaled Al Assaf is an Arabic writer and novelist

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Inspired by a timeless Arabian legend, this enthralling narrative revolves around the heroic rescue of an enchanting Jinn named Shams from the brink of certain doom by the courageous human, Furaat. Their destinies intertwined, they embark on a mesmerizing odyssey to the enigmatic realm of the jinn. United in matrimony, they return to the human world under one peculiar stipulation: Furaat must guard a profound silence regarding Shams, refraining even from reproach, despite her recurrent eccentricities that provoke the disapproval of everyone around them.

This narrative weaves a tapestry of adventures and an abundance of unexpected revelations, all of which are elegantly elucidated and justified within the Jinn customs and traditions.

An enchanting voyage awaits within these pages, where the mystical and the human collide in an exquisite dance of wonder and intrigue.


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